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Only Triar® Seafood is hand picked as it is taken off the boat by our knowledgeable staff of inspectors and individually examined for healthiness, size, weight, color and texture. Each fish is of the highest quality and must pass sashimi criteria: clear eyes, bright red gills, firm meat, and odorless, to be approved for shipment to you. Additionally, an incision is made in the tails of each swordfish and tuna to ensure the blood is cherry red for freshness. Chefs from around the world tell us they can see and taste the difference.


Because of our obsession for freshness and the procedures we have instituted, we guarantee 5-7 day shelf life depending on the species. Triar fresh seafood is delivered to our federally inspected processing facility within a few hours after being approved dock side. Kept at a consistent 33°F, it is then filleted, packed in ice, sealed in reusable containers, and shipped via overnight delivery to your kitchen the very next day. Simply put, two-day fresh beats up to three-weeks old. That’s why Triar is The Chef’s Source.™


We obtain all our seafood from a crew of captains

who fish for only one or two days and then return with their catch for our inspection. This is quite different than fish from a trawler that has been out at sea for two or three weeks. How do you know if your fish is from the first or last week’s catch? With Triar, you know it’s only fresh seafood and your discriminating clientele will know it too.


Triar has set the standards for freshness, quality, and next-day delivery for the entire industry. Because of this, the best restaurants, resorts, hotels and clubs depend on us for their peace of mind. Triar is The Chef’s Source for guaranteed satisfaction when it comes to fresh seafood.


Triar offers an unsurpassed variety of seafood from the

pristine waters of Florida’s coasts and the Florida Keys.

Now, you can create an exciting menu that will please

your most discerning seafood connoisseurs. Pompano,

yellowtail snapper, wahoo, swordfish, cobia, grouper,

tuna, mahi mahi and Florida stone crab claws are just a

few of our selections that have become popular in

better restaurants throughout the U.S. and Caribbean.


All of Triar’s seafood is responsibly harvested and we

actively seek out alternative species for sustainability.

Triar is an active member of the Southeastern Fisheries

Association, whose mission is to defend, protect and

enhance the commercial fishing industry by supporting

honest conservation and management.


Triar Seafood has been the house purveyor at the James Beard Foundation in New York, NY for over 15 years. Triar has also been an exclusive seafood supplier to the USA Winter Olympics and The Masters, so you can rest assured your restaurant will be in good company.

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Hand Picked Florida Fresh

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